Employees Are Struggling With Movement-Related Pain

You may not always hear about it but if lost-time injuries, employee turnover & medical costs are going up, your business is feeling the effects. And reactive, quick fixes will only provide temporary relief.

We Can Help

At New Life For Work, we understand the challenges of balancing employee comfort with business demands. Our team addresses individual problems that lead to organizational solutions.

And with our SolveGlobal® partnership, we provide world-class strategic perspective & insight into your organization’s MSD experience & risk. Click on the video links to hear from two industry leaders about their experience with SolveGlobal® and New Life For Work.

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"By bringing in New Life For Work, we saw a significant decline in our costs for workman's compensation claims and healthcare. That's a key performance indicator for us! The employees now know that we have a plan in place to help keep them healthier and safer."

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"With New Life For Work, I see the health plan benefits and the hundreds and thousands of dollars we saved by doing this system. But then I also get to hear the members' standpoint of 'Wow! What an experience this was. It's more than what I ever expected!' "

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Understanding the scope of the problem and how
to fix it puts you back in charge.

Early Detection

Identify risk by individual, job function, shift, department and all other relevant criteria

Education and Prevention

Innovative tools to address challenges directly with measurable results

Right Care at the Right Time

Individual consultations to resolve employee-specific issues

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Understanding the scope of the problem and how to fix it puts you back in charge.

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